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Residents of Sacramento Might Face Higher Rates of Violent Crime Accusations

Do you live in Sacramento and have you already been accused of a crime? Any possible criminal penalty can be serious and should prompt you to hire a lawyer to help you, but violent crimes up the stakes significantly.

It turns out that if you live in the area, the focus on violent crime from authorities might impact you.

A study found recently that violent crime is increasing faster in Sacramento when compared with other large cities. This means that the increased focus on violent crime might lead to people who are innocent being accused and can cause challenges for the person accused if they do not get appropriate legal representation. The perception of violent crime means that police officers and prosecutors will take these situations seriously. During the first six months of 2015, violent crime increased faster in Sacramento than in any of the 25 biggest cities across the country, as tracked in a recent annual FBI crime report. That information was released by the Public Policy Institute of California. However, the surge in violent crime was not home in Sacramento alone.

In fact, more than 75% of the biggest cities across California also saw violent crime rise during that same period. The violent crime rate might lead police officers to focus more specifically on arresting people accused of various types of violent crime, such as aggravated assault, rape, murder and robbery. Being accused of any of these serious crimes could lead to consequences for a person who doesn’t understand their legal right or fails to retain an appropriate criminal defense lawyer.

A criminal defense lawyer might be the only way for a person who has been accused of these unfortunate types of violent crime to get support from an attorney who is highly knowledgeable about avoiding consequences and keeping the accused person outside of jail. Proper evidence collection and timely filing of motions as well as exploring all other options makes a big difference in warding off these issues.


By : admin | June 27, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Crime Statistics In Sacramento California

Criminal Statistics In Sacramento California

Highest Crime In The Nation?

While crime is decreasing, a disturbing report last year relayed that Sacramento had the highest crime rate in the nation. That may come as a shock to some readers but these are the figures that were extracted from the FBI’s rundown of violent crimes across various cities in Sacramento in 2016. In fact, the number was almost double that of the U.S. Rate. So what gives?

Do Large Or Small Towns Have More Crime?

There was no distinction when it came to the size of the city, it seems that regardless of whether you reside in a large or small town, chances are that you will have heard of one crime or another having been committed in Sacremento. Furthermore, the chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Sacramento were reported as 1 in 138 in contrast with California, where the chances were reported as 1 in 225. More concerning to residents were the crimes by square mile. The Sacramento crime per square mile was reported as 208 in contrast with California, which reported 89 crimes per square mile.

This year’s crime statistics are broken down as follows:

  • Murder: there were 10 homicides reported this year, slightly lower than the previous two years.
  • Rape: there were 32 rapes reported this year, down 11.11% from the previous year.
  • Robbery: there were 322 robberies reported this year, down from 350 from the previous year.
  • Assault: there were 612 aggravated assaults reported this year down from 672 from the previous year.
  • Burglary: there were 891 burglaries reported this year, down from 1022 from the previous year.
  • Larceny: there were 3245 incidents reported last year, up from 3067 the previous year.
  • Motor-vehicle Theft: there were 929 motor vehicle thefts reported this year up from 894 the previous year.

Overall it appears that crime is decreasing in Sacramento and that is very good news for Sacramento residents.

By : admin | June 5, 2018 | Criminal Defense