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The Basics of Assault and Battery

Posted on : June 30, 2017, By:  admin
Sacramento Assault and Battery Lawyer

Many people think that assault and battery go hand in hand or even that they’re actually just one criminal charge. However, assault is a separate charge from battery. In fact, a person could be charged with assault without being charged with battery. The reverse isn’t necessarily true though. It’s rare to be charged with battery […]

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Do You Know How to Defend Against Possession of Drugs?

Posted on : June 18, 2017, By:  admin
Sacramento Drug Possession Lawyer

When you’re charged with the possession of drugs in Sacramento, you stand to face serious penalties. While some drugs, like marijuana, are decriminalized, others like heroin, cocaine, and even prescription narcotic medications are still illegal. Don’t wait to get help from a criminal defense lawyer after a drug possession arrest. Here’s how you and your […]

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3 Things People Don’t Know They Need from a DUI Lawyer

Posted on : May 24, 2017, By:  admin
Sacramento DUI Lawyer

When people consider a DUI lawyer, they often think of an attorney who zealously defends a person charged with drinking and driving in court. While this is part of what a DUI lawyer does, there are a number of things a DUI defendant needs. Here are three things that most people don’t know they need […]

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Sex Offender No More: How to Get Your Name Off the Registry

Posted on : May 4, 2017, By:  admin
SB 421 Sex Offender Registry Lawyer

A crime conviction is difficult. If convicted of a sex crime, you must register on a state and national sex offender registry. This means that your pubic information will be available to anyone. This makes rehabilitation and moving on after a sex crime conviction challenging. However, SB 421 gives sex offenders another chance — here’s why. Penalties Based […]

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Resentencing Results in Release

Posted on : May 1, 2017, By:  admin

A client of Jennifer Mouzis was arrested in 2009 when he was 15 years old. He was sentenced in 2012 to state prison for 15 years to life. On this past Friday, Ms. Mouzis convinced the sentencing judge to overturn the 15 year to life sentence.   And re-sentenced him to 7 years. The judge then […]

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