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The Difference Between a Bench Warrant and an Arrest Warrant

Posted on : December 9, 2016
It can be very frightening to discover that you have been issued an arrest warrant or a bench warrant. What does this mean and what should your next step be? Here’s what you should know about the two types of warrants and how to get the legal help you need. What is an Arrest Warrant? An […]

Know Your Rights During a Criminal Investigation

Posted on : September 8, 2016
In many cases, California law enforcement officers and prosecutors may begin a criminal investigation before making an arrest. If, for example, law enforcement officers are investigating a crime and do not have enough evidence to arrest someone, they will continue to investigate and pursue leads until they do. If you are a person of interest in […]

Defending Against a DUI in California

Posted on : July 8, 2016
DUI charges in California are serious, and if you are found guilty, you stand to incur stiff, life-changing penalties. When you hire an experienced DUI attorney, you can mount the strongest possible defense, which is critical when you’re arrested on drunk driving charges. Were the Officers Following Protocol During Your Stop?   In a DUI case, […]

Possible Defenses to a Kidnapping Charge

Posted on : May 5, 2016
Being charged with kidnapping requires a serious defense, because the penalties are harsh and life-changing. When you work with an attorney, your lawyer will investigate the circumstances surrounding your case and determine what the best potential defense tactics are. Below are a few possible defenses to a kidnapping charge. The Alleged Victim Actually Gave Consent […]

Attorney Mouzis Featured in Sacramento News & Review

Posted on : March 23, 2016
In the March issue of the Sacramento News & Review, criminal defense attorney Jennifer Mouzis was referenced for her defense and acquittal of Daniel Thomas Bush, a.k.a. rapper Poppy Chulo. Jennifer Mouzis got the rapper acquitted of attempted murder charges. Mouzis says authorities weren’t able to connect Bush to the crime beyond a disputed witness […]