Meet Brandon Leibrock acting as “of counsel” for the firm:

Mr. Leibrock is a former police officer & detective. After leaving law enforcement he began attending Lincoln Law School in Sacramento.

While attending Law School Mr. Leibrock worked as a Private Investigator assisting criminal defense attorneys in preparing cases before moving on to work for the Colusa and Sacramento County District Attorney’s offices.

After passing the bar and being sworn in as an attorney, Mr. Leibrock decided to take his knowledge and experience and open a criminal defense based law practice.

While working in Law Enforcement Mr. Leibrock was promoted to detective and was responsible for investigating cases involving Domestic Violence, drugs, Assaults, Robbery, Burglary, as well as many other crimes needing follow up investigation.

He also became an instructor for DUI enforcement and a POST certified Firearms Instructor.

While no longer teaching DUI enforcement Mr. Leibrock has a passion for firearms and maintains his certification as a POST Firearms Instructor.

He has continued to expand his knowledge relating to firearms by becoming a DOJ Firearms Instructor and completing the International Firearms Specialist Academy.

Mr. Leibrock’s experiences working in Law Enforcement as well as having worked for the prosecution gives him a unique insight as to how the other side works and he uses this to the advantage of his criminal defense clients.