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What Are Examples of Effective Alibis in a Criminal Case?

Posted on : September 9, 2020
Alibis And Your Criminal Charges In a criminal case, one of the most common — and effective — defenses is an alibi. An alibi is something that proves you couldn’t have possibly committed the crime...
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What Do I Need to Know About SB620?

Posted on : July 11, 2020
Introduction Of SB620 California State Senator Steve Bradford introduced SB620 in late 2016, after citing a case where a 17-year-old defendant was sentenced to 30 years to life after being convicted of a felony during...
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What Is the New Felony Murder Rule in California?

Posted on : June 11, 2020
In September of 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed California Senate Bill 1437 into law. Co-written by Senators Joel Anderson (R) and Nancy Skinner (D), SB 1437 amends the state’s felony-murder rule that in the past...
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Can My Murder Charges Be Dismissed With SB 1437?

Posted on : May 22, 2020
Reduced Or Dismissed Charges Under SB1437 Senate Bill 1437 was signed into law in California in September of 2018. The Senate bill was a means to modify California’s murder law in order to limit which...
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Can SB620 Apply To My Gun Charges Retroactively In California?

Posted on : April 22, 2020
SB620 And California Gun Charges Having a criminal record is no-doubt an aspect of your life that can impede on both current and future opportunities for you and your loved ones.  Having the ability to...
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