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Do Out of State Drivers Need A Lawyer for A California DUI?

Posted on : January 13, 2019
No matter what state you are in, a California DUI is an unwelcome experience and one that you might not be familiar with how to handle until you have been charged with a crime. It’s important when charged with any crime, including a DUI, to get the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. […]
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What to Expect After Being Arrested in California?

Posted on : December 19, 2018
Have you recently been arrested in Sacramento? Or are concerned about what would happen to you if you were arrested? Everyone needs to be aware of their rights, to request to speak to an attorney, and to get advice from a knowledgeable lawyer before answering any questions by the police. What happens to you after […]
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Redding Record Searchlight Judge Imposes Camera Ban In Cottonwood Serial Arson Case

Posted on : December 19, 2018
Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer
A positive in the midst of a difficult time for her client, Jennifer Mouzis, counsel for the defendant, objected to an approved court order that would have allowed photographs and media of her client. The client, Scholfield, who wasn’t seen starting the fires could have been unfairly prejudiced in the case against him. There was […]
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What Is a Purchase of Stolen Property Charge in California?

Posted on : November 19, 2018
If you buy something that you know was stolen and you’re caught, did you know that you could be charged with a crime? If the police suggest that you’re going to be charged with this kind of crime, you need support from a lawyer immediately. Have you recently been accused of purchasing stolen property? It’s […]
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What Does an Accused Person Need to Know About the Felony Process in California?

Posted on : October 17, 2018
Don’t try to represent yourself in any criminal defense case, especially if the charges are felonies. Whether it’s your first time felony charge or you have a prior record, criminal defense support is necessary. The original crime itself might not have been a felony on its own, but it could have been elevated to this […]
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