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Appealing A Criminal Conviction

Posted on : December 5, 2019
Should You Try To Appeal Your Conviction? Were you already convicted of a crime? If you didn’t have the opportunity to work with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, you may have found yourself convicted of...
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Charged With A Crime? How Do You Plea?

Posted on : November 7, 2019
Being Charged With A Crime Is Devastating If you have been arrested for a crime, you are no doubt experiencing an enormous amount of stress right now. That said, you need to take a step...
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Organized Retail Theft on the Rise — Is Prop 47 to Blame?

Posted on : October 4, 2019
Mass Grab and Dash A new disturbing trend in retail theft is on the rise in California.  Known as organized retail theft, it involves large numbers of young people who enter a store, grabs as...
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Will “Rapid DNA” Revolutionize How Crimes Are Solved?

Posted on : September 25, 2019
Forensic DNA testing has played a central role in criminal investigations. Since the late 1980s, ts main purpose is to identify convict, and exonerate individuals accused of committing crimes. As the decades have rolled on,...
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Can You Be Charged With Murder Even If You Didn’t Fire The Fatal Shot?

Posted on : August 26, 2019
No, You Don’t Have To Fire A Deadly Shot To Be Charged With Murder! As we have seen in recent news, you do not have to be the party who fired the deadly shot to...
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