Sometimes, a criminal trial will include strange elements that make everyone involved do a double take. More often than not, these offbeat criminal defense strategies don’t work. However, some of them do and these 3 strange criminal defenses actually worked!

1. Your Honor, He Has No Idea What Happened

A majority of people heard about the Enron case, when millions of dollars were taken from the shareholders of HealthSouth by its Chief Financial Officers. While 5 of them plead guilty to fraud, they also named the founder of the organization, Richard M. Scrushy, as the ringleader of the entire scheme. Scrushy’s attorneys claimed that he had no prior knowledge of the embezzling that was taking place, suggesting that he was instead focused on high level management activities for the company. When in court, Scrushy acted baffled and surprised at the entire thing and was cleared of all charges since no one could prove that he knew anything about the scheme. HealthSouth shareholders later sued Scrushy for $2.9 billion, to which he happily obliged since he had all that extra money laying around from the fraud.

2. Your Honor, It Was the Evil Twin

Mr. Raj, a 27-year old drug trafficker from Malaysia, was caught in 2003 for trafficking. In his possession were 1.7 kilos of opium and 166 kilos of marijuana, and of course the prosecution figured it was a slam-dunk case. However, Mr. Raj had a twin brother. Sabarish Raj and R. Sathis Raj pointed the finger at each other, and cops couldn’t even figure out which twin was the one they arrested with the drugs on hand. Despite the evidence, no one could come up with enough evidence to determine which twin had actually committed the crime and as a result, both were released.

3. Your Honor, I Was Sleepwalking

Kenneth Parks attacked his in-laws and stabbed his mother-in-law to death in May of 1987. Directly after the incident, he took himself to the police station and turned himself in, unsure of what he had done but knowing that it was something bad. Parks alleged that he had no knowledge or memory of what happened and that he was sleepwalking. Parks was tested by physicians with an EEG machine, which suggested that he had what is known as parasomnia, or sleepwalking. The doctor testified that it was possible that Parks was sleepwalking when he committed the crime, and he was acquitted.

What to Do If You Were Charged With a Crime

If you were arrested for a crime, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Sacramento criminal defense attorney. The strange and unusual defenses may not apply in your case, but an attorney can help you develop a defense strategy that does apply and will give you the best chance possible for your case to be dismissed or the charges reduced. Call Jennifer Mouzis now at (916) 822-8702.