Attorney Mouzis Featured in Sacramento News & Review

In the March issue of the Sacramento News & Review, criminal defense attorney Jennifer Mouzis was referenced for her defense and acquittal of Daniel Thomas Bush, a.k.a. rapper Poppy Chulo.

Jennifer Mouzis got the rapper acquitted of attempted murder charges. Mouzis says authorities weren’t able to connect Bush to the crime beyond a disputed witness voice identification. But they tried to sway the jury with the music of Poppy Chulo, who has also recorded with Mozzy.

The tactic usually works. “The jury just sucks up that stuff like you wouldn’t believe,” Mouzis said. That’s because juries are afraid of gangs and anything that’s remotely connected to them, Mouzis says—even if it’s homemade music videos uploaded to YouTube.

It was a Lavish D video that played a crucial role in convicting those responsible for the 2010 gang shooting that killed an innocent bystander at a Holiday Inn Express in Elk Grove. Authorities used the video to identify several of the suspects, who appeared as extras in the video, “Project Nigga.” Mouzis represented one of the defendants in the case, a minor at the time, and got him acquitted.

The thing that helped her case most of all?

“My client was not in the video,” she said.