Are You Eligible for an Expungement of Your Criminal Records?

In today’s economy, finding a job, renting an apartment, or even securing a loan is harder to do than ever before. If you have a criminal record, you can be sure that it will be even more difficult. Some criminal records can be expunged, or “deleted.” This means that a potential employer cannot see your records, which can help you secure gainful employment after successfully completing your sentence. However, not everyone is eligible for an expungement.

Are You Eligible?

Those who are eligible for an expungement of their criminal records:

  • Have successfully completed their probation. This means that you adhered to all terms of your probation, paid all fines, completed mandatory counseling programs, and any community service that you were sentenced to. You must also have attended all court appearances and must not have committed new crimes while you were on probation.
  • Are not currently under investigation for a crime, on probation for another crime, or serving a sentence for another crime.

Are You Not Eligible?

 You may not be eligible for an expungement of your criminal records if you do not meet the above criteria, or you:

  • Went to a state prison for your crime. This generally means that you were charged with a serious felony, which is likely to not be eligible for expungement.
  • The crime falls under non-expungable crimes. This includes certain sex crimes against children and statutory rape.

What an Expungement Does and Does Not Do

An expungment will “delete” all information relating to your conviction. An employer cannot discriminate against you or ask questions about a crime for which you were investigated but not convicted. Additionally, an expungement can help you obtain loans, apartment or home leases, and even obtain professional licensure.

An expungement will not, however:

  • restore your suspended license
  • reinstate your gun ownership rights
  • eliminate sex offender registration

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