Sex Offender No More: How to Get Your Name Off the Registry

A crime conviction is difficult. If convicted of a sex crime, you must register on a state and national sex offender registry. This means that your pubic information will be available to anyone. This makes rehabilitation and moving on after a sex crime conviction challenging.

However, SB 421 gives sex offenders another chance — here’s why.

Penalties Based on Severity of Crime

In the past, all sex offenses were considered the same when registering as a sex offender. Statutory rape was lumped in with child molestation; there was no distinction between them when registering. However, this new California bill aims to make that distinction. It requires sex offenders convicted of less serious crimes to be on the registry for less time. On the other hand, individuals convicted of more serious crimes must register for longer, or even for life. At present, the bill places sex crime registration in three categories: 10 year registration, 20 year registration, and life registration.

Can Current Offenders Have Their Names Removed?

SB 421 allows previously convicted sex offenders to remove their names from the registry under certain circumstances. If, for example, you were required to register for 10 years and that date has passed, you should have your name stricken from the registry. Also, you would no longer need to meet other registration requirements, such as notifying the registry when you move, etc.

Being eligible to remove your name from the registry opens your life to new freedoms. It helps you put the past where it belongs — in the past.

Who Can Help?

To determine if your name is eligible for removal from the sex offender registry in California under the new law, talk to a seasoned attorney first. Your records must be closely examined to determine your eligibility under the new law. Then, you’ll need an attorney to petition the court and advocate for the removal of your name.

If you are convicted of a sex crime and believe your name can be removed from the sex offender registry, contact Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Jennifer Mouzis. Call for a consultation today at 916-822-8702.