Do You Know How to Defend Against Possession of Drugs?

When you’re charged with the possession of drugs in Sacramento, you stand to face serious penalties. While some drugs, like marijuana, are decriminalized, others like heroin, cocaine, and even prescription narcotic medications are still illegal. Don’t wait to get help from a criminal defense lawyer after a drug possession arrest. Here’s how you and your lawyer can get the charges against you reduced or even dismissed entirely.

Did the Officer Abide by California Search and Seizure Laws?

One of the first things a criminal defense attorney will look at is whether or not the officer who searched your person or your property and seized the illegal substance did so legally. Searches and seizures may only occur with clear probable cause or a warrant. If the officer did not abide by the law, the substance seized may be struck from court.

Was the Substance Analyzed in a Crime Lab?

In order to charge you with possession of a drug, a prosecutor must prove that what was seized was an illegal drug. This means that the substance should be sent to a crime lab to confirm what it is. Additionally, you should be certain that the chain of custody is not broken in any way when the evidence is turned over to the crime lab. In fact, any tampering with the evidence could render it inadmissible in court.

Can the Prosecutors Provide the Evidence at Trial?

A key component in securing a conviction for drug possession is the prosecution being able to actually produce the evidence. Ideally, whatever drugs were found should be kept in an evidence room under lock and key after being analyzed. However, at times police misconduct or even simple negligence causes the drugs to somehow “disappear.” If the prosecutors can’t produce the actual evidence of drug possession, it will be very difficult for them to obtain a guilty verdict against you.

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