Proposition 47 Didn’t Lead to Criminal Problems

A controversial state prison reduction bill, known as Proposition 47, was said to have potentially increased the number of violent criminals on the streets of California, but a new study out of UC Irvine found that that was not the case. Proposition 47 was originally passed in 2014 and the study found that that law had no effect on violent crimes, including rape, homicide, aggravated assault, or robbery. Property offense increases, including crimes associated with motor vehicle theft and larceny, appeared to indicate that Proposition 47 was the original cause.

However, the University of California, Irvine researchers have found that those findings did not withstand more comprehensive statistical testing. The 2014 law received a lot of criticism from police officers and other authorities when it was put together but California voters chose to reduce theft and drug felonies to misdemeanors to reduce the problems associated with overcrowding in state prisons.

A Los Angeles county Sherriff said that this was the cause of an increase in crime in 2015. The study will be published in August in the journal, Criminology and Public Policy. If you have already been accused of a crime in California, it’s important to set aside time to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help you with a defense strategy.

If you’ve been accused anywhere in California of a misdemeanor or a crime, how you choose to respond could define your future. Making the mistake of defending yourself is a critical error that could cost you your freedom. You might not even realize the stakes when you’ve been accused of a crime, but you must be prepared to take action quickly with the support of a lawyer. Only an attorney who knows how drug crimes and other allegations are often charged in the state will be able to help you get the support you need.

If you don’t know how to move forward after a criminal allegation, you leave your future in the hands of the prosecution. All crimes deserve a compelling defense from an experienced Sacramento criminal defense attorney.