What You Need to Know About Getting a Job After Being Convicted of a Crime?

One of the most common reasons that people will obtain an experienced criminal defense attorney in California immediately after being accused is to protect themselves from being put in jail as well as to protect their future employment prospects.

Having a criminal record could haunt you for many years to come and identifying job opportunities after being assessed with a criminal record can be challenging. A new study completed by researchers at Northwestern University identified that employees who have criminal records are less likely to leave and may stay in their jobs longer. This research was published in the IZA Journal of Labor Policy. They identified that those employees who had a criminal record were more likely to stay in the roles up to 19 days longer than those who did not have a criminal record.

The researchers found that those who had a criminal record could represent an untapped productivity pool of people who had greater loyalty to the company. Those people who had a criminal record, however, might have chosen to stay in their current positions because they had fewer job prospects outside of their current position. Protecting your prospects and your future is one of the leading reasons why you need to retain not just any criminal defense attorney but a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience in his or her field immediately after you have been accused.

Not obtaining the right criminal defense attorney can expose you to risks and challenges that put you behind bars and ensure that you have a criminal record following you for many years to come. Make sure that you have a defense lawyer who is highly skilled in exploring all possible avenues in your defense as well as other alternatives to having a criminal record.