What Does an Accused Person Need to Know About the Felony Process in California?

Don’t try to represent yourself in any criminal defense case, especially if the charges are felonies. Whether it’s your first time felony charge or you have a prior record, criminal defense support is necessary.

The original crime itself might not have been a felony on its own, but it could have been elevated to this status by aggravating factors linked to the crime or the prosecution’s interpretation of the crime. To sort out these details, you need a criminal defense lawyer.

It goes without saying that felony charges are very serious and need to be handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. But do you know what the process is for managing criminal charges at the felony level?

Your experienced criminal defense attorney is an essential component of being able to fight back against these charges and should be retained immediately. He or she should also explain the felony process to you.

Dealing with any type of felony charge in California can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Many criminal offenses can be prosecuted at the felony or the misdemeanor level depending on the application of the statutes.

Felony cases can begin in lower courts and can bound over to superior courts. Some of the most common felonies charged in California include arson, rape, burglary, murder, and robbery. Certain misdemeanors can also be elevated to the felony level in California and these can include assault, street gang activity, domestic violence, battery, embezzlement, hit and run, criminal threats, vandalism, fraud, certain drug charges, and forging a prescription.

In light of the complexity of all of California’s felony laws, you need to educate yourself about what these mean for you and how best to represent yourself by hiring a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable about criminal defense and how to protect you from the life changing consequences of having a felony conviction on your record.

The felony process kicks off as soon as you’ve been charged with a crime.