What Are Examples of Effective Alibis in a Criminal Case?

Alibis And Your Criminal Charges

In a criminal case, one of the most common — and effective — defenses is an alibi. An alibi is something that proves you couldn’t have possibly committed the crime in question because you were somewhere else or with someone else at the time the crime was committed. Here are three examples of good alibis and how you can get legal help as a person of interest to law enforcement authorities. 

A Store Receipt 

A store receipt is one way to prove that you weren’t at the scene of the crime at the alleged time it occurred. The receipt can show you were at the store making a purchase during the crime. 

If you were at the store shortly before or after the crime and the store is not located anywhere near the scene, it can also be argued that you could not have left the scene and made it to the store by the timestamp on the receipt or vice versa. 

Security Camera Footage 

Another type of evidence that can be used to show you were somewhere else at the time of the crime is footage from a security camera. If you were in a store but did not make a purchase and don’t have a receipt, security camera footage may be used to prove it. 

If you were at a restaurant, bar, or in or around any other establishment with security cameras, it’s possible you may be able to use footage that places you elsewhere during the crime in your defense. 

A Witness Statement 

You may also be able to use a witness statement as proof it’s not possible for you to be the perpetrator of the crime in question if you were with someone else at the time of the crime. The witness will generally need to be deposed and provide a formal written and/or recorded statement of where you were and what they were doing with you when the crime took place. 

Do You Need a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney? 

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