What Does My Criminal Defense Lawyer Need to Know About My Case?

Defendants in a criminal case often want to know exactly what they should and shouldn’t say to their defense attorney about the events that preceded the arrest before they walk into the courtroom.  

Depending on your case, your lawyer may need to know: 

Most, If Not All of What Happened 

Some criminal defense attorneys are adamant that they want as many details as possible. This is so they can select evidence that supports your defense forward and work to surpress evidence that harms your case. It also protects them from being put on the spot in the courtroom with new information they didn’t have before. 

Even if your version of events makes you look like you’re guilty, you have the benefit of attorney-client privilege when speaking in confidence with your lawyer. No matter what you say to your attorney, you cannot be penalized for it and it can’t be used as evidence against your case. 

Only Limited Details of the Events 

Other lawyers would prefer to only have the details they absolutely need to know to represent you effectively. In some instances, if an attorney knows that you aren’t telling the truth, this could result in ethics violations that puts them at risk of disbarment. Ask your lawyer which they prefer. 

What Can and Can’t Your Lawyer Do With Information You’ve Told Them?

If you tell your lawyer that you’re guilty, your lawyer can’t then repeat that information to others. But they also can’t allow you to testify in your defense with a version of events that is different from what you admitted to them in private. Furthermore, the knowledgable introduction of false evidence is also prohibited. 

Despite this, attorneys can and do still recommend guilty clients take their cases to court if the chance of a dismissal is high. Often, these are cases in which the merits of the investigation are questioned instead of the defendant’s innocence or guilt. 

Contact a Zealous Sacramento, CA Criminal Defense Attorney Now for Help 

If you were arrested for a criminal offense in California, your rights are at a significant risk. The state is harsh on those accused of crimes and you need an experienced, zealous defense attorney who is willing and able to go to bat for you. 

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