While fighting for your innocence in court can be an effective way to beat a DWI conviction, it’s even better if you can avoid getting charged altogether. And if you’re unfortunately not able to avoid a criminal charge for driving while intoxicated, you do have several legal avenues you may be able to explore based on your case’s individual evidence. Here’s what you should know. 

Buy Your Own Breathalyzer 

It’s a common misconception that breathalyzer tests that are carried around for personal use are only used by people who have already gotten in trouble for drunk driving. However, this is far from the truth and many people use their own affordable, personal breathalyzer tests to make absolutely certain that they are legally safe to drive their vehicle before operating it after drinking any type of alcoholic beverage. 

Portable breathalyzers are relatively affordable and generally have the same technology used by police officers to check your BAC when you’re pulled over on the suspicion of DWI. A quick test will let you know if you’re good to drive home, if you need to wait a minute and get a snack, or if you ought to just get a ride home or prepare to stay the night. 

Know How Many Drinks You Can Tolerate  

The way the human body absorbs alcohol differs greatly among individuals. Although some factors, such as biological sex and weight, are consistent, tolerance to alcohol is unique to each person. 

When it comes to drinking, it’s vital that you know your own boundaries and don’t push yourself beyond them. Know ahead of time how many drinks you can handle before you pass the threshold of slightly tipsy and don’t go over that amount.  

Have Another Way to Get Home 

Even if you intend to drink in moderation and drive your own vehicle home, having a backup plan is always a smart idea. If you have a good time and consume a bit too much, having a plan B means you’ll still be able to get home safely. Have the phone number for a taxi on hand, download the Uber app handy, or have a designated driver ready if need be.  

Were You Arrested For a DWI Anyway? Get Help Now 

Don’t wait to get help after being arrested for drinking and driving. Your future, rights, relationships, and career are all on the line after being charged with any crime. Contact experienced Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Jennifer Mouzis today for more information or to schedule your consultation to discuss your case at (916) 822-8702.