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One of the most common warrants issued in the state of California is a bench warrant, which can also be referred to as a “body attachment.”

A bench warrant is a warrant issued by a judge, hence the term “from the bench.”

This type of warrant isn’t issued based on the suspicion of crime like California arrest warrants are. Bench warrants are most likely issued in the event of:

  • Failure to appear on your court date
  • Failing to abide by other court orders
  • Failure to pay a fine for a misdemeanor offense

What Does A Bench Warrant Do?

A bench warrant authorizes any California police officer to arrest you and bring you directly to court. This means that if you get pulled over for a routine traffic stop – for example, if a tail light on your car was out – and you have a bench warrant issued, the officer has the authority to arrest you and take you in immediately.

From there, the judge can release or incarcerate you depending on your criminal history, what the warrant was issued for and how much of a flight risk the judge deems you to be.

Possible Penalties For Bench Warrants:

  • A violation of your probation 
  • Time spent in a county jail or state penitentiary
  • Increased fines
  • Suspension of your California driver’s license

An experienced warrants attorney in the state of California may be able to have a bench warrant recalled in your absence in the case of a misdemeanor; however, in the case of a felony bench warrant, you must be present in court to do so.

If you’ve been issued a bench warrant, getting it recalled requires the expertise of an attorney well-versed in California warrants. Jennifer Mouzis can provide you with the defense you need to rid your record of a bench warrant.

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