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Conspiracy, as defined by California law, involves a person who agrees or conspires with one or more people to commit a crime, and one or more persons in that group commits an overt act to further the agreement.

You do not have to be accused or convicted of the underlying crime associated with the conspiracy to commit the crime.

In fact, you do not even have to commit any illegal acts at all to be charged with conspiracy. Any act that furthers the agreement to commit the crime, including making a phone call or leaving a car at a specified location can be considered an “overt act” and cause the jury to find you guilty of conspiracy.

It takes a seasoned, confident attorney to provide a solid defense against conspiracy charges.

Jennifer Mouzis has considerable experience defending conspiracy cases and employs a variety of strategies that may get the charges dismissed or the least severe sentence possible.

Defense Strategies Against A Conspiracy Charge:

There are a variety of defense strategies that can be employed by an experienced attorney who is well-versed in conspiracy law, including:

  • Offering evidence that you were accused falsely
  • You pulled out of the conspiracy before anyone in the group committed the overt act
  • No overt act took place at all
  • No agreement was ever made to carry out a crime

You stand a much better chance of having a successful trial if you have a well thought out defense strategy that applies specifically to your case.

Jennifer Mouzis will review your case thoroughly to determine the best defense strategy based on the individual evidence.

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