Federal Crimes Attorney in Sacramento, CA

Most federal crimes carry more serious penalties than state level misdemeanors or felonies.

You may be charged with a federal crime if you’ve violated the U.S. criminal code or have committed crimes such as:

  • terrorism
  • tax crimes
  • espionage
  • bank or securities fraud
  • immigration law violations

Federal Crime Investigation

Federal crime investigation differs greatly from state crime investigation. Federal charges must be investigated thoroughly in a process that may take a significant period of time.

This often creates a vast amount of evidence against the person charged; however, you do not have to wait until the investigation is concluded to obtain a defense attorney.

It is to your benefit to obtain representation at the beginning of the investigation to allow for the stage to be set for a strong defense case, or even possibly having the charges dismissed, before they are formally filed in the courts.

What to Do When Facing Federal Charges

If you’re faced with one or more federal crime charge or are being investigated by federal prosecutors, you need a fearless, tenacious attorney who is knowledgeable of federal laws and experienced in negotiating with prosecutors.

When it comes to federal charges, you must choose the right defense lawyer.

Jennifer Mouzis will start reviewing your case immediately and give it the focus needed to prevail in court. She has experience in aggressively defending a variety of complex federal cases, including those carrying significant penalties.

You need answers to important questions, and you need someone who will advise you on the best actions to take throughout the investigations process. She is committed to preserving your rights and freedoms.

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