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Felony charges are no minor matter. If you’re facing felony charges in the state of California, you may be frightened and unsure of what to do next.

You probably already know that being convicted of a California felony will have consequences that will change your life. What you may not know is that being convicted of a felony is punishable by at least a formal probation and, at worst, sixteen months to life in a state prison.

There are also other consequences associated with a felony conviction, including:

  • a mark on your permanent record
  • possible loss of employment
  • loss of a professional or business license
  • the inability to travel across state lines or out of the country
  • being stripped of the right to bear arms
  • deportation if you are not a citizen of the United States

Felony Charges

Just because the charges against you are serious, it doesn’t mean that there will be sufficient evidence against you to convict you of the charges, or that there will not have been a mistake during the arrest or investigations process that could potentially be grounds for acquittal.

Many crimes in California can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor based on the situation and circumstances involved, including but not limited to:

  • certain drug crimes
  • embezzlement
  • domestic violence
  • assault
  • battery
  • vandalism
  • fraud

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You need to contact a confident, aggressive California lawyer with experience handling and defending felony cases. You need an attorney who is not intimidated by felony charges or the prosecution’s scare tactics. Jennifer Mouzis can help prepare a strong defense for you that will stand up in court.

Jennifer Mouzis is committed to protecting your rights and freedoms, and will thoroughly review your case for all potential evidence that could allow the charges to be dismissed or reduced, or to negotiate the least severe sentence.

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