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Evasion (fleeing & eluding a law enforcement officer) happens when you make an attempt to evade a police officer who is pursuing you in a marked vehicle, which includes motorcycles and bicycles.

There are several things a prosecutor must prove for you to be convicted of fleeing and evading:

  • The law enforcement officer’s car was marked in a distinctive way
  • The siren was used as reasonably necessary
  • The officer operating the vehicle was wearing a uniform
  • The officer displayed at least one red lit lamp that can be can be seen from the front
  • You saw or were able to see the red lit lamp
  • You fled or attempted to evade the police officer willfully
  • You had specific intent to elude the officer

Because of these required elements, there are many good defenses that could possibly get this charge dismissed or reduced if you have a skilled and experienced California attorney on your side.

Defense Strategies For Fleeing & Eluding

  • You did not attempt to evade the law enforcement officer willfully (for example, you were distracted, or were trying to drive to a safer location because you were alone in the car) 
  • You did not intend to evade the law enforcement officer (for example, you had an emergency and needed to rush somewhere rather than rushing away from the police officer)
  • The officer failed to display a red lit lamp, was not wearing a uniform or was not in a marked vehicle

If you are being charged with fleeing and eluding, don’t assume that the evidence against you is insurmountable. With the help of an aggressive attorney, you can present a strong case for having the charges dismissed or reduced.

Jennifer Mouzis is experienced in this area of California law and has the expertise necessary to present your case in the best way possible to the court.

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