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You can be convicted of forgery under California law if you “knowingly alter, create, or use a written document, intending to commit a fraud.”

Many people are under the assumption that forgery is simply signing someone else’s name on a document, but to be charged with forgery as a crime, significantly more is involved.

You must have the intention of committing fraud in addition to doing any of the following:

  • Sign another person’s name without their consent
  • Make alterations to or falsify certain written legal documents
  • Recreate or counterfeit any document relating to money (such as investments or the sale/exchange of property)
  • Recreate or counterfeit any document that relates to how the possessions or property of a person are dispersed after their death
  • Recreate or falsify a notarized document

In addition, the laws in California for forgery only apply to a forgery committed to defraud or damage another person out of property, money or legal rights.

Being Convicted Of Forgery In The State Of California

The prosecution’s job is actually quite simple when it comes to prosecuting a forgery charge:

All that must be proven is that you committed one of the above actions and that you had the intent to commit fraud when you did so.

Regardless of whether or not the person was actually defrauded as a result of your actions, or even if you paid the person back, you can still be convicted of a forgery charge if you had the intent to commit fraud.

Don’t assume that because the prosecuting attorney has very few things to prove when it comes to prosecuting a forgery charge that you will be convicted.

With an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, it is possible that your charges can be reduced or even dismissed. Let Jennifer Mouzis help you put together a strong case that will stand up in court.

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