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Being arrested and charged with a crime is a disconcerting and frightening experience, especially for a child.

The child may be:

  • sent to a rehabilitation facility
  • sent home on probation
  • become a “ward of the court”
  • tried in adult court depending on the type of crime that was allegedly committed
  • dealing with the lasting consequences of having a juvenile adjudication for the rest of his or her life

In addition, the child’s parents will have their world turned upside down.

It’s terrifying for a parent to have their child taken into police custody and face judgment and an unknown fate.

A parent cannot influence the outcome of juvenile court proceedings or the outcome of the case; however, the best way they can protect their child is to ensure they have the best defense possible.

How To Fight Juvenile Crime Charges

When it comes to juvenile crime defense, you need an attorney who is understanding and compassionate, but also tough and aggressive in litigation.

Jennifer Mouzis has the experience and knowledge in juvenile crime law that you need to build a solid defense. She specializes in defending juveniles in juvenile court, as well as juveniles who have been charged as adults in adult court.

Jennifer Mouzis has defended juveniles accused of everything from:

  • graffiti
  • first degree murder with special circumstance
  • gang allegations

Her goal is preserve the rights, freedom and record of the child by doing everything possible to get the charges dismissed or reduced and get the least severe sentence possible imposed.

The juvenile crime law in the state of California has significant differences from adult law. It is imperative that the child have a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience defending juvenile cases and familiarity with juvenile law.

Jennifer Mouzis fully investigates each case to build the most solid defense possible. Her commitment and dedication are what you need to prevail in court.

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