Murder Defense Attorney in Sacramento, CA

Being accused of and investigated for committing a murder is a serious situation, and it is one that is wrought with fear and the unknown:

  • What will happen to you during the investigation?
  • How will the trial affect you and your family members?
  • Will you be found guilty?
  • What will happen to you if you are?
  • How can you best defend yourself against government prosecutors with nearly unlimited resources?

Not every death is the result of a crime. Average people who work, have families and lead normal lives sometimes get caught up in circumstances that many people may view as warranting a guilty verdict.

In instances where the accused has truly committed the crime in question, it does not necessarily follow that the proposed punishment fits the circumstances fairly.

Compassionate, Unbiased Defense

If you have been accused of murder, it doesn’t mean that you’ve automatically lost your status as a human being. Everyone suffers during a murder investigation and trial, and this is a difficult time for you as well.

Jennifer Mouzis will do her best to aggressively defend your case, and she will offer compassionate advice regarding:

  • the evidence that has accumulated against you
  • what defense strategies are the most persuasive for your case
  • what options you have throughout the investigation and trial period

Being convicted of murder can ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones.

You may spend years or even a lifetime in jail, and in the worst case scenario, you could be sentenced to the death penalty.

You deserve an unbiased attorney who will look at every aspect of your case and fight for your rights as a human being.

If you’ve been charged with murder in the state of California, call Jennifer Mouzis as soon as possible to set up a consultation to discuss your case.


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