private investigator for building defense Paul Schindler

Licensed Private Investigator
California License #: 25546

Investigator Paul Schindler brings a wealth of experience to every case. Paul retired from the Sacramento Police Department in 2012 after 29 years of distinguished service. Paul spent 25 years of his career directly investigating various crimes where he became a recognized expert several areas including narcotics, adult and child sexual assaults, and sexual registration requirements. He has testified as an expert in court proceedings in over 300 criminal cases and spearheaded over 1,000 investigations. Throughout his career, both as a police detective and private investigator, Paul developed strong relationships with various agencies such as the ATF, FBI, and DEA which have assisted in completing thorough and accurate investigations.

During his career, Paul received numerous awards including the Bronze Medal of Valor, three Medal of Merit Awards, numerous unit citations. In 2009, Investigator Schindler was awarded the Rebecca Moore Award. This award is given to police Detectives who exemplify excellence in sexual assault investigations.

Investigator Paul Schindler is committed to performing exhaustive investigations to assist his clients. These investigations are often the basis for obtaining excellent results for our clients in their case.


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