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Are you facing a post-conviction relief issue in Sacramento? If so, it’s important to work with an experienced post-conviction relief defense lawyer who can help you understand your legal options and guide you through the process of filing for and appealing your conviction.

With years of experience handling complex post-conviction proceedings and appeals, our team at Mouzis Criminal Defense is well equipped to handle the various challenges that may arise during the course of your case. Whether you are dealing with issues related to ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct, or other issues that may have negatively impacted your original trial or appeal, we will carefully review all evidence presented against you and provide expert guidance throughout every phase of the legal process.

What Is Post-Conviction Relief?

Post-conviction relief is the process by which a person who has been convicted of a crime can challenge their conviction in court. This process is typically only available to those who have exhausted all other avenues of appeal, such as direct appeal or habeas corpus. In order to be successful in filing for post-conviction relief, a defendant must prove that their trial or appeal was unfair in some way.

Common Reasons For Seeking Post-Conviction Relief

Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel

A common reason for seeking post-conviction relief is ineffective assistance of counsel, which can occur when an attorney fails to meet the expected standard of care during a client’s representation. This can come in the form of inadequate legal advice, failing to provide evidence that could have been used at trial, neglecting to investigate key areas of a case, and more. If successful in this sort of claim, a defendant might be granted a new trial or direct appeal based on these grounds.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Other reasons for filing for post-conviction relief include prosecutorial misconduct or errors made by the trial court during proceedings. These types of claims are often difficult to prove since they involve a judge’s discretion, but with the help of an experienced post-conviction relief defense lawyer, a defendant may be able to prove that their original trial or appeal was unfair. This could result in a new trial or direct appeal.

Consult With Mouizis Criminal Defense

Whether you are seeking post-conviction relief for ineffective assistance of counsel or another reason, it’s important to consult with an attorney in order to protect your rights and understand all of your legal options moving forward. If you have been convicted of a crime in California and wish to file for post-conviction relief, contact Mouzis Criminal Defense today at (916)822-8702 and schedule a free consultation with our team. We will review your case and determine what course is best for you.


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