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Being arrested is a frightening and angering experience. If you are arrested, you may feel like you are suddenly out of control and at the complete mercy of the law enforcement officer who took you into custody.

You may feel like you are being bullied or treated harshly and as a result, the police officer may accuse you of resisting arrest.

Resisting arrest charges apply if you willfully resist or obstruct an officer of the law or an emergency medical technician from doing their job.

How To Fight Your Resisting Arrest Charges

Even though resisting arrest is a misdemeanor charge, any jail time and significant fines can change your life. If convicted of resisting arrest, you could:

  • spend up to a year in a county jail
  • pay no more than a $1,000 fine
  • have a permanent criminal record

The following strategies can be used by a California criminal defense lawyer with the knowledge and know-how to vigorously defend resisting arrest charges:

  • The arrest and the circumstances surrounding it were unlawful
  • You were acting in self-defense
  • You were falsely accused of resisting arrest
  • Law enforcement misconduct

If you’re facing charges for resisting arrest, don’t assume that law enforcement officers are acting appropriately and you have no recourse.

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