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Robbery charges in Sacramento can be serious. Depending on the cirumstances of the robbery, you could be facing felony charges. This means that if you are convicted, you could spend time in prison and end up with a criminal record.

There are two types of robbery offenses in Sacramento: first degree robbery and second degree robbery.

First-Degree Robbery

First degree robbery is more serious than second degree robbery and is punishable by up to nine years in prison.

What constitutes a First-Degree Robbery?

A first-degree robbery occurs when:

  • The robbery is committed against a person who is 60 years of age or older,
  • The robbery is committed in an inhabited dwelling, or
  • The robber uses a deadly weapon or great bodily injury during the commission of the robbery.

Second-Degree Robbery

A second degree robbery is any robbery that does not fall under the definition of first degree robbery.

What constitutes a Second-Degree Robbery?

Punishment for Second Degree Robbery in Sacramento

  • Second degree robbery is punishable by up to five years in prison.
  • If you are convicted of second degree robbery, you could be sentenced to two, three, or five years in prison.
  • You might also have to pay a fine of up to $10,000.

Defenses Against Robbery Charges

There are a number of defenses that can be used against robbery charges.

Some of these defenses include:

  • You did not use force or fear,
  • You did not intend to rob the victim,
  • You were mistaken about the identity of the victim, or
  • You were coerced into committing the robbery.

Get Help With Your Charges

If you have been charged with robbery, it is important to talk to a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you understand the charges against you and what your options are. Do not try to deal with the situation on your own. Call now to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Sacramento robbery attorney today.


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