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California attorneys and others in the political and legal sphere have often come to a consensus; sentence enhancements have had the tendency to be unduly administrated and distributed unfairly in many circumstances, especially in cases of mental illness or in offenses committed by those in communities of color, including juvenile cases. This has created a longstanding and crushing issue within the California Justice System. These enhancements have regularly been used as crutches and unnecessarily applied in situations where it has not been warranted. About 80% of the state’s prisoners are serving terms that include at least one sentencing enhancement.


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What Are Sentence Enhancements?

In the state of California, judges are often allowed and or required to add sentence enhancements to some criminal charges.  To be clear, a sentence enhancement is not part of the base (original) criminal charges, the enhancement is an added layer of penalties that is distributed to your sentence based on the circumstances surrounding the charges.  For example, driving drunk would be one charge; if there is a child in the car, that is another layer to the drunk driving and an enhancement could be added for drunk driving with a child in the vehicle.

California Sentence Enhancements Are A Problem

Sentence enhancements have been a deep-seated issue that up until now, has had very little resolution. Devastatingly long sentences that add excessive prison time and destroy families, furthermore, these enhancements have had a negative and adverse effect on communities of color.

Courts have had the ability to dismiss such enhancements and have chosen not to, it’s unclear whether or not they have understood the impact of the sentence enhancement in order to dismiss it outright, though it’s impossible to fathom how courts and justices cannot have taken note. The majority of prison inmates are actually serving time that includes an extension via these same enhancements. What’s more shocking is that some are serving terms that include more than one enhancement in circumstances that should not have required such an enhancement.

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Senate Bill 81

With the recent passing of SB 81, the proposed bill calls on some limitations to sentence enhancements that are long overdue. The bill is meant to afford judges the clear ability to determine whether or not enhancements are necessary and or appropriate.  Will applying the enhancement keep the public safe? Is this a nonviolent offense?  Is this enhancement taking into account a mental disorder? What is the age of the defendant? Is this is Juvenile offense? How old is this crime? etc.





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