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Stalking is defined by California law as repeatedly harassing, following or threatening another person to the extent in which that person fears for their safety or the safety of their immediate family members.

Stalking is considered a “California wobbler,” meaning that, depending on the circumstances involved and the seriousness the crime, it can be charged and convicted as either a misdemeanor or felony.

Penalties For Stalking Charges

The penalties for stalking charges are quite severe.

The harshest penalties for felony stalking in California are:

  • up to five years in a state penitentiary
  • a substantial fine
  • being required to register as a sex offender

Being registered as a sex offender is a consequence that will follow you for life and affect where you can live and where you can be employed.

In addition, anyone can identify you as a sex offender using simple Internet search tools under Megan’s Law.

Fighting Stalking Charges

Since the maximum penalties for being convicted of a stalking charge in California are severe, you want to retain a skilled criminal defense attorney who has substantial experience in defending stalking cases.

Jennifer Mouzis will devote the necessary time and attention to:

  • investigating your case
  • determining whether or not there is enough evidence to find you guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt
  • examining the credibility and history of the person accusing you

Her ultimate goal is to get the charges against you reduced or cleared entirely.

If you’re facing stalking charges in California, it’s essential that you retain representation right away to begin building your case and to allow time to perform investigations.

Jennifer Mouzis is available now to discuss your charges.

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