When searching for an attorney, we didn’t know where to start. A friend referred Jennifer Mouzis and I am so glad they did. The day we met with her, we knew she was the right fit for the case. She is very knowledgeable and fights for her clients! She will do everything she can to ensure you receive the best possible outcome! I would highly recommend Jennifer! By: The Right Fit For The Case

My first impression of Ms Jennifer was that she is a smart, knowledgeable,determined, yet compassionate attorney. She sincerely expressed interest in our case and values what you have to say. She strives for Justice & Fairness. We are very grateful to have options in regards to cost/fees. She very honestly explained costs & offered a workable plan. She works tirelessly for her clients. Her confidence & grit are reassuring and her demeanor is comforting. She & her team strive to achieve the best possible outcome. By: She works tirelessly for her clients

Such a great and kind person she is! This is what she loves to do and it shows! So kind and easy to talk with. Always honest, yet assertive. Thank you Ms. Mouzis! By: Thank you

Good, thorough attorneys are very difficult to find these days, ones that are trustworthy, honest and actually abide by the Cannons of Ethics that lawyers are bound by is extremely rare.
Jennifer Mouzis is certainly one of the rare ones, her professionalism, knowledge and most of all, her communication skills are the best I’ve ever experienced. Her attention to detail, quick witted thought processes are unique and well taken with the Appeals Court and I suspect any other court she practices in.
My case was complex and the thought of winning any portion of the appeal was a very long shot but she made things happen from virtually nothing,

Thank you so much, you are a true credit and inspiration to the entire legal community, they should set the bar at your practice!!

by William Hill

3 separate cases, 3 fantastic wins. Jennifer saved my life. Sacramento P.D had it out to get the young black youth and I was one of them. Jennifer was determined to show my innocents and to uncover the departments deceptions to make a case. If I ever needed help again Jennifer would be the 1st phone call.

By Vyctor Beasley


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